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Hand crafted whimsical wooden automata


Hope you like them


An automaton is a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a living thing. My first introduction to automata took place about 30 years ago. I was wandering around Covent Garden, in London, and stumbled on an intriguing museum and shop called Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (see the links page). The amazing (and beautiful) pieces by people like Paul Spooner and Peter Markey have been in my head ever since.

These pages are a record of my own work. I'm also hoping this website will be a useful resource for other automaton makers (I was inspired to give it a go after looking at other websites...maybe I will inspire someone else). I've gathered a bit if information on the history of automata (they've been around for a very, very long time) and am gradually putting together information on basic mechanics.

There’s no right way to create an automaton. You can start with an idea and work out which mechanisms will make that idea happen. Or you can start with a mechanism and, inspired by it’s motion, think of a subject that suits it.


Note that this section is still under construction.

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